Interior Painting Contractor in Massachusetts

Fine Interior Painting Contractor in MA

Island Painting Company has been providing interior house painting in Massachusetts for over 14 years. We understand the care and concern of doing your painting project right, using top quality materials, Premium paints and properly preparing your home for painting. Proper preparation is KEY to a well-done paint job. To further your piece of mind our interior painting service is backed by our 2 Year Labor Warranty and 25 Year or Lifetime Paint Warranty.


Step-by-Step Interior House Painting Process:

  1. Set-up: The first step in our interior house painting process is take pictures of the room before we move anything so, we can place everything back at its original place after work is done. All furniture will be moved to the center of the room and covered with clear plastic to protect from dust and paint. Floors, kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, handrails & stairs will be protected with rosin paper or canvas drop cloths.
  2. Preparation: All pictures, hanging, nails, electrical switch plates and outlet covers will be removed from walls and ceiling prior painting and placed into clear zip plastic bags which is properly labeled and left in the room so items will not become misplaced or lost. Light fixtures are protected with blue painters tape and clear plastic. Nail holes, minor drywall imperfections as well as cracks, dings and dents are filled and sanded, gaps along baseboards, window and door trims are filled with Siliconized Acrylic Caulk after vacuuming and dusting is done.
  3. Inspection: Inspection prior to painting to avoid any irregularities on the finish coat.
  4. Painting: We only use Top Quality Paints and Stains from Benjamin Moore, California Paints, Cabot Stains, Sikkens, Minwax and apply them under manufacturer’s specifications. Before finish coat is applied we prime any bare surface as well as bare wood, plaster repairs, patched holes to proper protection and paint adhesion. Paint is applied with brushes & rollers and we do not use masking tape to cut-in ceiling or accent walls, our interior painter’s method for perfect edges, straight lines, precise curves is a good brush, a steady hand, and a good cut-in technique.
  5. Clean-up: Our cleanup is performed daily & upon job completion.
  6. Final Inspection & Job Closing: Fixtures, furniture, hangings, electrical switch plates, outlet covers, and belongings are properly replaced. Leftover paint is labeled, dated and left in your home.  Before the crew leaves, a Final Inspection is done with the homeowner. Final touch-ups are noted on a ‘punch list’  and completed before our crew leaves. A Comment Card is left to be completed by the customer.

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