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Massachusetts Exterior Painting Contractors are required to be registered as Home Improvement Contractors by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, so before hire your exterior house painting contractors in Massachusetts make sure to ask for their registration or license as well as General Liability Insurance (for your property) and Workers Compensation Insurance (for employees).Fully insured and Registered as Home Improvement Contractor #163264, Island Painting Company has been providing high quality exterior house painting in Massachusetts for over 14 years. We carry General Liability Insurance of $2.000.000 and Workers Compensation of $500.000 . To further your piece of mind a copy of our Certificates of Insurance and Registration are provided to clients and potential clients, in the bidding process and our exterior painting service is backed by our 3 Year Labor Warranty and 25 Year or Lifetime Paint Warranty.

Step-by-Step Exterior House Painting Process:  b House Painting:

  1. Pressure Washing: Pressure washing is the best method to prepare your home for painting. We only use bio-degradable, environmentally safe and specifically designed exterior cleaning products  to assure that the environment is safe guarded and your house is thoroughly cleaned. We use a gas-powered pressure washer to blast away built-up mold, mildew, dirt and grime, delicate areas are hand-washed. When wash is done we clean up any loose paint chips and house is given proper time to dry.
  2. Rotted Wood Repair: We repair and/or replace any rotted wood around windows, fascias, soffits, doors, decks and anything made of wood.
  3. Preparation: The most important step in exterior house painting, preparing the surface prior to painting  will make or break the paint job. Before start the prep work we protect the exterior with plastic tarps along the ground to catch paint chips. All shutters and downspouts are removed and house exterior is prepared for paint by sanding, scraping to remove all loose paint and flaking paint, sand any glossy area for proper paint adhesion, bare areas are properly primed and WE LET THE PRIMER DRY, areas around doors and windows are caulked with Siliconized Acrylic Caulk.
  4. Inspection: Inspection prior to painting to avoid any irregularities on the finish coat.
  5. Painting: We only use Top Quality Paints and Stains from Benjamin Moore, California Paints, Cabot Stains, Sikkens and apply them under manufacturer’s specifications. Before finish coat is applied we place canvas drop cloth along the ground, cover all light fixture with plastic sheet, protect grass, bushes and any non-painted area against drips. Full coat of tinted oil base primer on body is applied to proper protection and paint adhesion. House is given proper time to dry. Paint is applied with a brush and roller, we do NOT use sprayers.
  6. Clean-up: Our clean-up is performed daily & upon job completion.
  7. Final Inspection & Job Closing: Window shutters, downspouts, fixtures, furniture and belongings are properly replaced. Leftover paint is labeled, dated and left in your home.  Before the crew leaves, a Final Inspection is done with the homeowner. Final touch-ups are noted on a ‘punch list’  and completed before our crew leaves. A Comment Card is left to be completed by the customer.

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